Kaleidoscope Cookies (kind of)

22 May

My recent attempt at some colorful summer cookies turned wacky in a very Nickelodeon way. It’s the Betty Crocker Kaleidoscope Cookie: a buttery cookie shaped from layers of colored dough and edged with decorator’s sugar.

Again my childhood urges to eat Play Doh are surfacing...

I used the recipe from the Betty Crocker Cooky Book, but I tried to twist/shape the dough so that the cookies would look more random and disorderly.

The cookies’ taste and texture are delicious in their simplicity, but these cookies are really about their looks. I tried to counterbalance the kindergarten appearance of mine with some caramel-marshmallow chocolates (à la Fanny May’s “Carmarshes”).

Problems & Lessons

  • I didn’t squeeze the different rolls of dough together tight enough, so there were air pockets throughout the final tubes of dough.
  • The dough rolls were a little soft when I shaped them, so some of them sank into odd shapes/got flat on the bottom.

  • When I tried to re-shape the rolls after they were chilled solidly, the ones with air pockets cracked:


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