Angel Food Cake Balls (Experiment)!

9 Jun

I’ve been wondering for a while how these might work.

They’re really not what we think of as cake balls because there isn’t much of a cake-crumb-and-frosting-batter. One of these balls is made up of: pieces of angel food cake, frosted, then covered in white chocolate. Uhh, yum? Yes. They turned out to be delicious.

My friend calls them little clouds... :)

And I actually like the messy, chunky, misshapen look…

Instead of crumbling the angel food cake, I cut it into small chunks and mixed it loosely with a powdered sugar frosting. (I would use more next time – the balls didn’t hold up well.)

You end up with veins of frosting running through a ball of angel food cake.

Cover them in white chocolate, and voila!


One Response to “Angel Food Cake Balls (Experiment)!”

  1. Bobbi June 11, 2011 at 3:45 pm #

    Angel food is my favorite, I am going to try these right away!!

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