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Portal Cake! (yes, the video game)

16 Dec

As it turns out, the cake is not a lie, and the cake is delicious.

For those who’re out of the loop, Portal is a science fiction computer game from Valve Corporation in which the player (there’s only one) is promised cake upon solving puzzles. Along the way, the character encounters messages graffitied on the walls like, “The cake is a lie.” Finally at the end of the game, just before the credits, you reach the cake. This cake:

Alas, a robotic hand extinguishes the candle and leaves you in darkness before you can eat it!

Well, my fiancé and I both love the game, and for his birthday this month I couldn’t help but make the cake.

vanilla cake, chocolate filling, and chocolate frosting - covered with Oreo crumbles


Looks a bit sloppy on the inside, but it was so delicious!




Happy birthday, Nate!



Cookie Dough Cupcakes (oh, and I’m getting married)

2 Sep uh... yum

The day after my last post (which was entirely too long ago), my wonderful man asked me to marry him. The day after that, I made these cupcakes. Then I hit the ground running with school and rehearsals, and needless to say I’ve been too occupied to post.

To make up for my absence, here are some mini cupcakes with blobs of raw cookie dough in them. :)

uh... yum

I’ve always wanted to try it…

Just bake the cupcakes till they’re done, and don’t worry about the cookie dough. (Mini cupcakes usually take about half the bake time as regular ones.)

I put a small glob of chocolate icing on top of the cookie part, and then dolloped each one with cool whip.

Then the best part – I kept them refrigerated. They were okay at room temperature, but they were great cold.

If I did them again, I would definitely use more cookie dough in each cupcake – and maybe less cake batter.

Are angels singing?

Simple Bruschetta (or a glimpse of my Italian diary)

21 Jul

I can’t believe it’s been a year since my time in Italy. I’ve been missing it a lot lately, and the recent invasion of my kitchen by Italian cooking can prove it. What better way to fill the void than with Italian food?!

No matter how many times I make bruschetta, I nearly always have a food-gasm on the first bite. If you are thinking, “Really? Bruschetta? The red stuff they give you with chips as an appetizer at bar/grill-type restaurants?”, then keep reading.

Good and authentic bruschetta is fresh, juicy, chewy goodness you can eat for an appetizer, a meal, or a snack.

Continue reading

Chocolate Bridal Shower

21 Jun

I recently hosted a bridal shower for a friend who loves peanut butter and chocolate (particularly chocolate fountains!) – perfect for a girl whose wedding colors are brown and gold :) Continue reading

Recital Reception

10 May

Last week I gave my junior recital – the pinnacle of many a performer’s school year. It was probably the most stressful and most rewarding event of my college career. (WOW, I love singing so much.)

We gave a reception afterward, and of course I made treats: Continue reading