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Peanut Butter-Fudge Brownies

8 Dec
The other night I got a random yearning to bake something rich and chocolatey, and, most importantly, I wanted to eat it. Unfortunately my cupboards were about as desolate as my sweet tooth. I had the basics, but not a lot of time. So there I went: the recipe from the side of a cake mix box.

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Recital Reception

10 May

Last week I gave my junior recital – the pinnacle of many a performer’s school year. It was probably the most stressful and most rewarding event of my college career. (WOW, I love singing so much.)

We gave a reception afterward, and of course I made treats: Continue reading

Tuxedo Brownies

24 Mar

From a favorite Pampered Chef recipe – tuxedo brownies. Usually they’re made in mini-muffin pans, but I used a Wilton silicone baking mold for the square shape.

For the recipe I’m linking you directly to the Pampered Chef website (below). I owe at least a credit to PC, as I’ve gotten so many favorites from them, and as this recipe works perfectly as is.




I used about one square (1 oz.) of Baker’s semi-sweet chocolate for shavings.






Andes Candies Brownies

30 Dec

These mint chocolate brownies are rich and unique – a recipe I stole from my mom.






Crush/cut Andes mint chocolate candies into small chunks. You’ll need a generous 2 cups of chunks.

Prepare your favorite chocolate brownie batter (from scratch or from a mix), and stir in ½ cup candy chunks. Bake brownies accordingly using a 9 x 9 pan (I like these to be thick, but since they are so rich you might prefer to use a larger pan).

When brownies have cooled, melt 1 ½ cups of remaining candy chunks, saving some for sprinkling, and pour over brownies. Sprinkle the remaining chunks on top.

Simple as that!