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Angel Food Cake Balls (Experiment)!

9 Jun

I’ve been wondering for a while how these might work.

They’re really not what we think of as cake balls because there isn’t much of a cake-crumb-and-frosting-batter. One of these balls is made up of: pieces of angel food cake, frosted, then covered in white chocolate. Uhh, yum? Yes. They turned out to be delicious.

My friend calls them little clouds... :)

And I actually like the messy, chunky, misshapen look… Continue reading


S’mores Cake Balls (a failure turned fabulous)

4 Jun

The other day I nearly burned a batch of mini-cupcakes – they were crispy in places and were terribly difficult to get off the papers. I was about to throw them away (tearfully) when I realized – I should make cake balls!

If you’re out of the loop on this cake ball craze, you should get in. They’re versatile in both taste and appearance, and (best of all) they’re SO EASY:

  1. Bake a cake, any cake.
  2. Crumble the cake into small, fluffy crumbs.
  3. Mix the crumbles with frosting (any frosting).
  4. Shape mixture into balls, and dip in chocolate.

You can experiment with all kinds of cake/frosting flavor combinations, and there are suggestions all over the internet to help you get started. You should also know about Bakerella – baker, blogger, and author of Cake Pops, the book that may well have been cake balls’ and cake pops’ rocket to fame.

So for my steps 1 and 2, I used my cupcakes. Continue reading