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Portal Cake! (yes, the video game)

16 Dec

As it turns out, the cake is not a lie, and the cake is delicious.

For those who’re out of the loop, Portal is a science fiction computer game from Valve Corporation in which the player (there’s only one) is promised cake upon solving puzzles. Along the way, the character encounters messages graffitied on the walls like, “The cake is a lie.” Finally at the end of the game, just before the credits, you reach the cake. This cake:

Alas, a robotic hand extinguishes the candle and leaves you in darkness before you can eat it!

Well, my fiancé and I both love the game, and for his birthday this month I couldn’t help but make the cake.

vanilla cake, chocolate filling, and chocolate frosting - covered with Oreo crumbles


Looks a bit sloppy on the inside, but it was so delicious!




Happy birthday, Nate!



Creamy-frosted Simple Cake

10 Dec

I’ll be out of town for my housemate’s college graduation this weekend, so I’m leaving this cake for her and her visitors :) It’s a simple two-layer French vanilla cake with chocolate filling, frosted with a creamy chocolate frosting – the most delicious chocolate frosting.

I swirled the frosting with a teaspoon – I love the rich look of swirls. I’d show you a picture of the inside, but I’m going to miss the cutting! Have a great weekend :)


Brown Sugar-Broiled Angel food

1 Jun

A butter/brown sugar mixture broiled on angel food cake? Tell me your mouth’s not watering! This desert is easy to prepare and doesn’t take long. Definitely a summer favorite. And it’s one to keep in your back pocket if you need something unique and impressive in a short time. (Heck, if you’re really in a hurry you can even use a store-bought angel food cake!) Continue reading

Crème de Menthe Cake

25 May

It’s a sweet, minty twist on a simple white cake – a crème de menthe cocktail you eat with a fork. Even for those wary of mint, crème de menthe in baking is worth a try. It’s sweeter – and in this recipe, milder – than peppermint or spearmint.

1. Prepare:
[your favorite white cake recipe] + 3 tb. crème de menthe liqueur*

2. Frost with:
2 cans chocolate frosting

3. Frost with:
16 oz. whipped topping +  4 tb. crème de menthe liqueur** Continue reading