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Cookie Dough Cupcakes (oh, and I’m getting married)

2 Sep uh... yum

The day after my last post (which was entirely too long ago), my wonderful man asked me to marry him. The day after that, I made these cupcakes. Then I hit the ground running with school and rehearsals, and needless to say I’ve been too occupied to post.

To make up for my absence, here are some mini cupcakes with blobs of raw cookie dough in them. :)

uh... yum

I’ve always wanted to try it…

Just bake the cupcakes till they’re done, and don’t worry about the cookie dough. (Mini cupcakes usually take about half the bake time as regular ones.)

I put a small glob of chocolate icing on top of the cookie part, and then dolloped each one with cool whip.

Then the best part – I kept them refrigerated. They were okay at room temperature, but they were great cold.

If I did them again, I would definitely use more cookie dough in each cupcake – and maybe less cake batter.

Are angels singing?