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Chocolate Covered Pretzel Rods

2 Dec

A great treat for any season, any occasion, any audience. Since the toppings are prepared as needed (and there are so many toppings to choose from), you can easily choose decorations on the fly.

1. Prepare the toppings. The toppings pictured here are (from top to bottom):
–Pecans/chocolate drizzle
–Coconut shavings
–Toffee bits (chopped)
–Andes mint candies (chopped)
–White/Milk chocolate drizzle

It’s important that none of the toppings are too heavy or chunky. If you are using candy bars or nuts, make sure to grind or finely chop them so they will stick to the chocolate.

2. Get set up. I think it works best to use cookie sheets and several sheets of wax paper. You’ll also need enough refrigerator space to be sliding cookie sheets in and out without disturbing the pretzels.

Set up toppings and pretzels within reach, and lay out wax paper on cookie sheets. Keep at least one cookie sheet close. (If you are drizzling chocolate as one of your toppings, wait until later.)

3. Melt the chocolate and begin covering the pretzels. I like to use a spoon to cover and smooth the chocolate. You shouldn’t be “frosting” the pretzels – just turn the pretzel and let the chocolate fall where it needs to.


4. Sprinkle toppings on the pretzels. As you finish covering each pretzel, lay it out on the wax paper. When a cookie sheet is full, slide it into the refrigerator to set up (about 20 – 30 minutes or until fairly hard).

Continue with the next cookie sheet. As the refrigerated pretzels harden, you can slide the wax paper onto a counter and reuse the cookie sheet.




5. If you are going to drizzle chocolate (or anything else) on the pretzels, do it after they have set up in the refrigerator. I like to use a fork or knife to get a somewhat sloppy look, but you can also use a squeeze bottle or plastic bag with tip to a neater look.

After drizzling, place back in the fridge on wax paper.

6. Quick notes about chocolate:
It’s best to drizzle with newly melted chocolate –  when it’s the runniest.
The chunkiest toppings stick best to the thickest chocolate, so do those near the end of the chocolate batch.

I used this batch for gifts – happy holidays!