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Kaleidoscope Cookies (kind of)

22 May

My recent attempt at some colorful summer cookies turned wacky in a very Nickelodeon way. It’s the Betty Crocker Kaleidoscope Cookie: a buttery cookie shaped from layers of colored dough and edged with decorator’s sugar.

Again my childhood urges to eat Play Doh are surfacing...

I used the recipe from the Betty Crocker Cooky Book, but I tried to twist/shape the dough so that the cookies would look more random and disorderly.

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Cakespy’s Leftover Easter Candy

15 May

I love Cakespy‘s whimsical experiments (and her photographs never fail to make me laugh). I don’t know how I missed this one, but I think it’s my new favorite: Leftover Easter Candy Cookies.

They really were delicious… in a confused, eclectic-mix-of-tastes sort of way.

Silly Spring Cupcakes

30 Apr

Spring is in the air – literally. From my kitchen I can smell hyacinths, hydrangeas, freshly cut grass, and even chlorine. I was in the mood to goof around with Funfetti and some ziplock bags.

They remind me of the food fight in Hook… or Play-Doh. Did you ever want to eat Play-Doh as a kid?